9 Best dip powder starter kit for beginners

Best dip powder starter kit for beginners

Going to the nail salon too often is not possible for many women out there. On the other hand, keeping the nails haggard free is another huge concern. Most people are comfortable with perfect manicures, and how can they maintain that without even going to the salon? That’s quite easy as you just need to find the best dip powder starter kit for beginners. With the starter pack, you can easily keep the nails beautiful without using any regular polish or by a risky process like chips. That’s why we have picked 9 of the top dip powder kit that may pick your interest.

best dip powder starter kit for beginners

1. AZURE BEAUTY 10 colors dipping color nail set

ZURE BEAUTY dip powder is easy enough for a beginner to apply. It needs just a 3-step dipping system to apply. You can mix the different colors of powder as you want. It looks natural, glamorous, and lightweight. Also provides impeccable shine to your nails. This powder kit can keep the attractive look lasts for about 2 weeks. It doesn’t need any nail lamp/UV light to cure, which can avoid black skin and damaging skin.

This dip powder kit gives you a faster way to design your nails. The wide bottleneck of this powder kit can be convenient to take your professional nail salon with wherever you go. And the beginners do nails by their own nail art style will be the special one for them, just because it’s easy to use.

Modelones Starter with 6 Color

2. Modelones Starter with 6 Color

MODELONES dip powder contains 6 color dipping powder set that is sure to impress you. This dip powder is for them those who actually like shiny bright, lightweight, and glossy glitter color which looks more glamorous and attractive on your nail beds with all of your desired nail arts. Also, this product gives you a feel of your own professional nail salon whenever or wherever you go.

And definitely, the kit set will satisfy you with these glittery colors of dip powder enhancements. The MODELONES dip powder kit also provides you the odorless, chip-resistant, special formula, and advanced manufacture skills. This starter kit has natural looks, lightweight and impeccable shine. Aside from that, the product can long last the nail art for about 2 weeks of longer support.

To make healthy and natural formula with this dip powder will be a better choice for your nail. Yes, a little pricey for many people but worth the purchase. And it will never let you down by its colors. Moreover, this dip powder starter kit provides pretty easy instructions to follow. So this can be an advantage to use this dip powder for beginners.

Saviland best for acrylic

3. Saviland best for acrylic

Another top set on the list is the Saviland Dip powder nail set, which contains 10 colors of dipping powder jar. Each jar glows in the dark dip powder and contains 10g of color powder and packs with a gift box with a 1pcs brush saver. So here it comes with a dip powder for those people who like shiny bright, glossy, and heavy color. All the colors will glow in the dark when you apply them on your nail beds.

This dip powder provides you far better support than other dark glossy products. Moreover, it gives you professionals nail salon art at your home without causing any manicures. Saviland dip powder is made with non-toxic natural formula, odor-free, and no harm to the nail bed. After one use, the color lasts for at least 2-3 weeks with proper maintenance.

You don’t need a nail lamp to cure – that’s why it can avoid damaging nails and skins. This dip powder kit will be very easy to use for beginners and it only takes a few steps to complete your nail design art. Considering the price, the product provides some flashy features for any beginner.

Lavender violets dip powder starter kit for beginners

4. Lavender violets

Another best dip powder starter kit for beginners. this starter kit has everything you need in one place. Comes with 4 color jar of powders – peppercorn, black beauty, grey pinstripe, and nightshade. Aside from that, the kit offers a bottle of base gel, gel activator, brush saver either. People who are fond of glossy finish should get their hands on this cute kit. It ensures the proper color of the glossy bright matte finish like a professional salon at home.

No need to use clear powder dip color on nails. And the new craze dip manicure is an exciting alternative in nail enhancements. Moreover, Lavender violets dip powder is more durable than acrylic, and its gel powder dipping system is odor-free, resistant to chipping, water-resistant with no damage to the nails.

This powder is extra fine for proper absorption onto the base coat. It dries incredibly fast and there should be no bubbles after use. Not to mention, the color will last up to 3 days straight. Overall, applying the colors is very easy and takes less time than other kits.

AIMEILI Nail Art Powder 6 Colors

5. AIMEILI nail art powder 6 colors

AIMEILI nail powder included with 6 jars of color powders. There are some people who like bright, lightweight colors, this dip powder will be a great choice for them. It provides you shimmery, bright, and beautiful lightweight colors that look pretty much good on your nail beds. Moreover, most the people like this dip powder, because it contains neutral colors. And it is pretty enough durable and easy to apply for starter use.

The colors look more solid and professional once it’s sealed. It has rich pigments and stunning shiny effects either and usually, two coats would cover opaque stains. The powder kit is very easy to apply. It dries 30% less time more than other acrylics. It saves your time to DIY your desired nail art styles yourself. And it also provides no chips or smudges. Moreover, it long lasts with a glamorous look for about 12-14 days.

And when it comes to the thing about the price, this dip powder provides you glamorous and gorgeous effects on your nails like professionals in this price range. Also gives you easy instruction to follow for beginners. So overall, this product is never lets you down for a starter use, therefore, it is definitely a great choice to buy. You can find the best brand of dip powder.

Modelones 12 color refill set

6. Modelones 12 color best dip powder starter kit for beginners

This kit comes with 12 different colors of dipping powder. This dip powder kit is just for those people who’d like to design their nails with dark and lightweight colors. And the most important thing it provides the best pearl color that will make your nails gorgeous and attractive. Not to mention, it makes ensures that glitter nails enhance your outlooks like professionals at home for the starter or beginners. When it comes to the question about price, this is providing you quite durable and easy nail art.

So the product will definitely satisfy you with the colors within a moderate price range. Thanks to the advanced nail protection formula, and healthy, natural materials – it is one of the best choices for your nails. Yet the kit doesn’t need any UV/LED lamp to cure. Moreover, you can get 2-3 weeks of long-lasting support from the nail kit.

Not to mention, the wider bottleneck of powder can be convenient to dip, easy enough for starter use. Normally the acrylic gel had a heavy odor, but the MODELONES dipping powder kit had a simple odor and no pungent smells. Furthermore, the powder kit does not harm your skin. So, overall, this is a great pack for the beginners out there.

NICOLE DIARY shining glitter dipping system

7. NICOLE DIARY shining glitter dipping system

Nicole diary gives you 6 various shiny glitter color series, which provides multi colors of glossy glittery nail dipping dust to satisfy your various need. And each color is specifically selected according to all the go color trends. Moreover, these colorful nail series are themed on fruits, this is why most of the people seem satisfied instead of getting bothered, and a great choice for starter use. If you think about the price, the price range is not that high.

Overall, this kit provides way better performance by its price range. Eventually, you can say that this is a much better product as easy nail art, as a starter kit, and as a price range. The dip nail powder is made from high-quality material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, long last, shiny bright color, and does not harm your nail or skin.

And it is formulated with thin powder provides you matte glossy effects to your nails in both summer and winter both season. Also, it has the most lasting power for 2-3 weeks with no odor. After all, all the dip powder contains Vitamin E and Calcium for helps the nails to grow stronger. Therefore, the kit is safe and easy to handle for professional or home users and for beginners either.

Dip-Powder 8 Sparkle best dip powder starter kit for beginners

8. Lavender violets 8 Sparkle Red Blue Green Color Kit

Lavender violets dip-powder starter kit is a versatile starter kit on this list that comes with 8 different color jars. People with a liking for dark and lightweight colors will love this one for sure. Lavender dip powder provides you professional salon nail art DIY at your home. You will get bright, colorful and, sparkly dip powder that is sure to keep your outlook fresh.

Made of high-quality and safe materials, this starter kit is a gorgeous set for most women. Even the powders come with some glitter on it to give you a top-notch nail starter. However, the price may be a little higher according to many people. But you have to think about the types of quality they are providing you with.

Latorice nail set with 10 color

9. Latorice nail set with 10 color

Latorice nail set includes 10 colors. Each jar contains 10g of color powder. This product is suitable for those people who like natural colors and a thinner layer on their nail beds. And the best thing is it doesn’t feel you have anything on your nails. It provides you a soft, bright, and lightweight colors on your nails that look gorgeous and attractive nails like professionals at home.

The most important thing, not to mention, this dip powder is not included with a base coat, topcoat, and gel activator. Latorice dip powder provides Vitamin E and Calcium to help nails grow healthier and stronger, also contains a healthy natural formula, without harsh chemicals, non-toxic, and odor-free. Moreover, this powder is easy enough for the starter use just takes 3-steps to complete the dipping system.

And it is enough durable for about a little more than 3 weeks with perfect apply. when comes to the thing about price, then make ensure you this product provides pretty good colors with this price and it can easily be used by professionals and home users. So, it is the best choice to buy for starter use.

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Well, that’s all for our reviews. When you are going to choose a beginner powder starter kit, you have to think about the materials of the kit. Otherwise, no matter how bright or colorful they look on the outside, it is going to disappoint you. We tried to review different powder kits depending on their color, quality, and other important aspects. Well, every one of them is well worth the purchase. But in the need, the selection is completely up to you. Even after reading our reviews, we hope you have got the exact idea about the picking process and other things. And if you like any one of our reviewed kits, we can assure you that they won’t disappoint you just contact us.

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