10 Best Professional gel nail polish brands & kit

The Best professional gel nail polish brands

The nail industry has greatly been changed due to gel nail polish. And the change is imminent for both salons and nail enthusiasts. One of the core reasons behind this change is that gel nail polishes are chip-free and long-lasting. It helps your nails look fresh and crisp for up to three weeks. This is now more important than ever as people are becoming busier day by day. To ease the process for you, we have created a list of the best professional gel nail polish brands available out there.

They don’t have much time to spend at salons for a perfect nail and hence are opting for long-lasting solutions. As a result, many brands have come up with their own formula with some stunning colors. There goes the confusion. With so many brands in the market, it’s really easy to get distracted or fail to know which one would be a perfect solution for you. Go through the list before jumping to a conclusion.

Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish

1. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish

The list starts with Gellen. If you are new to the gel nail polish concept, just know one thing that Gellen is like the Apple of the nail polish industry. The main reason for its being so popular is its easy application. The set contains 6 different colors, each of which will suit perfectly to your personality. It can be applied pretty smoothly on your nails with just a couple of strokes. It is optimized for fast curing and takes only a few minutes to set under a nail lamp.

Once you have applied it, you don’t have to worry about a thing for a couple of weeks as the polish is proven to remain chip and mark-free even if you do regular chores. It’s also easy to remove which makes it even more attractive. The non-toxic ingredients are safe for your skin as well as the environment. This gel nail polish looks rich, vibrant, and full and probably that’s the reason why so many users have positive feedback for the product

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Next is the miracle gel nail polish from Sally Hansen. Wondering what’s so miraculous about it? Well, if you go finding the best professional gel nail polish, you’ll see that most of those need a UV/LED light treatment. But somehow Sally Hansen managed to skip off the UV/LED light treatment, keeping it a 2-step gel hybrid manicure.

But don’t worry, it didn’t affect the performance at all. Light or no light, you still get the salon look at home. It is formulated to be the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish. The easy-on/easy-off formula makes it easy to use and remove. If applied correctly, it can stay for up to 8 days with the same mirror shine on the eighth.

Vishine Gel Nail Polish with Starter Kit

3. Vishine Gel Nail Polish with Starter Kit

Next comes Vishine and it offers a low-cost gel nail polish starter kit. The kit contains six bottles of pastel nail polish, a 36 watt LED nail drying lamp, and nail art tools. The classic colors are perfectly suitable for any occasion and the polish lasts for 14 days straight without any distortion.

It has a mirror shine finish and it’s completely safe for your skin. And the fun part is the nail art tools. If you are a gel beginner, the tools will help you complete your nail art process without the need to pay a visit to an expensive salon. What more could you want, right?

AIMEILI Builder Base Soak Off UV LED Gel

4. AIMEILI Builder Base Soak Off UV LED Gel

After its establishment in 2012, Aimeili is on a constant quest to help people get vibrant nails every time. To date, the brand has developed more than eight gel nail polishes. Including galaxy paranoid collection, temperature color changing collection, cat-eye collection, and sun play collection. With this variant, you can use it as a builder gel, base coat, and nail reinforce lacquer.

The polish works best with a 1-2 cm extension and requires drying under UV or LED lamp. Though there is no chance of any nick, chip, and smudge, the company strongly recommends testing your skin before using it every time because of the possible allergic reaction. But if you are non-allergic, this gel nail polish can be the best pick under budget.

Kanorine Color Changing Gel Polish

5. Kanorine Color Changing Gel Polish

Next comes the UV/LED soak off gel kit from Kanorine. The best thing is the color changes with temperature. All the other features are just the same as other gel polish brands – mirror finish, UV/LED drying. No nicks, chips, or smudges, but the brand literally NAILED it with the color-changing feature. The color changes due to your body temperature or the temperature of your environment. It looks natural, has a low-smell, non-toxic property, and good tenacity. If applied correctly, it will be on for three weeks. So why settle for one shade if you can have two!

6. DND Professional Gel Nail Polish Brands

Daisy Nail Design or DND nail polishes offer several gorgeous colors like pink, lavender, cherry, blue, and many more. With so many color ranges, you have options to experiment with your looks. Since these are soak-off gel polishes, you don’t need to worry about touchups when your nail grows. Just add a bit of gel to the small gap at the bottom of your nail, and you’re done. It won’t chip, break, or peel easily and you even don’t have to worry about smudges as the polish is dried instantly under UV/LED lighting.

Senvenski Temperature Art Manicure

7. Senvenski Temperature Art Manicure

This one is yet another color changing gel nail polish with high performance. Senvenski brands contain 6 elegant and gorgeous French manicure gel nail polish set. The ingredients used in it are non-toxic and low smell. It gives you a holographic feel and is completely environment friendly.

It’s easy to use, you can cure it under a UV or LED lamp for 90-120 seconds. If you want salon style nail art at home, you’re going to need the base and topcoat. With proper application, the polish lasts for up to three weeks and it’s a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other social occasion.

Revlon best professional gel nail polish brands

8. Revlon ColorStay Gel

If you don’t want UV treatment for your nails and still plan to have shiny nails, Revlon ColorStay will be a perfect fit for you. It offers outrageous shine with rich, long-lasting colors. It delivers high impact and salon-quality colors for up to seven days. As the polish is formulated with shea butter and oils, it will condition your strong nails with a gentle touch. And if you pair it with the Revlon gel envy diamond top coat, you will get a brilliant gel shine in no time.

Ga & En Top Coat Base Coat

9. Ga & En Top Coat Base Coat

At number 9 we have the best professional gel nail polish brands from Ga & En. The strong performance of the base gel adheres to your nail, give you a long-lasting mirror shine top gel. Once applied, it will last for up to 14-40 days for different people. The naturally extracted ingredients and purified water pose absolutely zero harm to your skin. It is odorless so you don’t have to bother about your nostrils. The polish comes in a thick and strong bottle for better protection while shipping and daily use. 8 different brushes from five suppliers were tested and compared before the final selection of the quality of their brush.

To provide more comfort and convenience in your daily use, they designed a two-fingers in design bottle holder. If you are a new user, you can also request a tutorial video on how to use the polish. In such a case, just follow the steps on the package to request the video. And on top of everything, Ga & En brands offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Not from japanese. That’s a pretty bold step to let their users know that they don’t have to worry as their money is well spent.

OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear

10. OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear

The last on our list of the best brands in the infinite shine long-wear lacquer from OPI. The neutral colors give your nails an iconic shine. The polish uses ProStay technology and photo initiators to cure to a hard film in natural light. The technology lets your manicure stay for up to 11 days with the same wear and shine as the first day. The variety of shades suit your every mood, outfit, ad occasion. For even better performance, use the polish with OPI natural base coat and topcoat.



With that, we have come to the end of our list today. At this point, we want to assure you that all the products on this list were carefully researched before selecting them so that we can deliver you only the best products possible. So skip all the tension and let your nails shine with confidence with these.

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