Water Based Nail Stamping Polish

Water-Based Nail Stamping Polish powered by NICOLE DIARY

Water Based Nail Stamping Polish

This series of water based nail stamping polish will meet the essential printing need, and it will be washed directly with alcohol. These Stamping Polish not only will be used as stamping polish with templates. However, can also be applied to your nails directly as traditional polish. This set comes with 6 polishes- black, white, silver, gold, blue, and red. All are 32 fl oz that is a bit smaller than customary nail polishes. Note these are regular stamping polishes and don’t need a UV/LED light to cure.

These stamping polishes are nice to use after you wish to own some sparkle in your nail art. They are colourful, sparkly, and elfish, while additionally delicate and professional. If your personal style is delicate and unfussy, these are wonderful polishes. 2 coats produce a fine-looking, elegant shine, and also the polish is extremely sturdy.

1. Apply Cuticle Guard Latex to edge of finger.
2. Wait for it dry.
3. Appy stamping polish to image you like in the plate.
4. Use a scraper to scrape excessive polish off quickly.
5. Press the stamper to plate and pick the design.
6. Stamp the image on your nail.
7. Use a tweezer to peel Cuticle Guard Latex off.
8. Apply No Smudge Top Coat on your nail.
9. Finished.

You may need, a cordless water flosser.

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