Learn: How to make toenails white and shiny At home

how to make toenails white at home

Most of the people don’t know how to make toenails white. There is always a tendency in us to be more careful about skin, hair. And we greatly neglect the hand nails. Does what happen it? Only the nails lose brightness. So there is a need to focus a little more towards the nails while it … Read more

4 Best magnetic nail polish for cat-eye

best magnetic nail polish

How does magnetic nail polish work? All played with magnets as a kid and magnetic nails are pretty much the exact same thing. Tiny iron shavings are suspended in nail polish and when you hold a magnet near it when it’s still wet, the iron shavings react and move around in the polish, creating the … Read more

The best nail glue for fake nails

best nail glue for fake nails

Many people asking what’s the best nail glue for fake nails? these days, I’d like to share a couple of best nail glue that you may like. There are several product and kinds of nail glue on the market for your applying your nails. If you have got allergic reactions to chemicals in nail glue, … Read more

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