Best natural looking short acrylic nails tip review

Natural Looking Short Acrylic Nails Tip Powered By ECBASKET

natural looking short acrylic nails

Scbasket natural looking short acrylic nails tip are made from high-quality ABS and will last you for at least 1 to 3 weeks. The environment-friendly material makes this set non-toxic and it is completely safe on your fingertips.

This nails don’t do any damage to your natural ones, whilst maintaining sturdiness and endurance. They will fit your natural ones without any sort of complication, wearing them won’t affect your daily activities, and they vary from 0 to 9 in size.

Their short length makes for subtle, but still bold fashion styling. Allowing you to create endless patterns and designs. Suitable for DIY nail art, professional salon use. Or just an overall great start to becoming a nail designer in the comfort of your home. A first-rate addition to anyone, be it used as a gift to others or just a little treat to yourself.

Weddings, parties, New Year’s, Christmas or Halloween, these short acrylic nails guarantee creativity boosts and fashion statements on the go. EcBasket has over a decade of experience when it comes to your comfort and sophistication.

ABS-made nails come in 50 tips per size (making a total of 500pcs), natural color and ready to be decorated. File the sides like you normally would with any kind of fingernail. Prepare the cuticle areas for an accurate fit with a manicure stick. You are ready to go. Apply glue to both your fingernails and onto the product. After selecting the corresponding size for each finger. Press and hold for 5 seconds, starting with the cuticles. [Read more best women body wash]

Item Features: 

Net weight:0.08KG
Color: Natural
Usage: Finger
Material: ABS
Package: Individual baggies
Size: 10 Sizes,50 Tips Per Size,500 pcs total

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